shutterstock_144630422Although stealing bases, and even signs, in baseball may be part of the game, stealing another team’s trade secrets can land you in federal prison, as one executive recently learned the hard way.

As we previously reported, the FBI has been investigating the St. Louis Cardinals for hacking into the Houston Astros’ internal computer network and stealing proprietary information,
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shutterstock_270428249Generally when one refers to “competitors” in the context of protecting trade secrets, it is in regard to business competitors, not competing sports teams.  And usually when the talking heads on sports radio and television are discussing legal issues, they relate to domestic violence or other crimes, concussions, illicit and performance enhancing drugs, or labor disputes (sometimes even
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By Marcus Mintz

Corporate espionage in the sports industry? The owners of the Indoor Football League’s Omaha Beef recently asserted serious allegations against rival team, the Allen Wranglers, the League commissioner, and the Beef’s former coach, now coaching for the Wranglers.

In Gridiron Management Group LLC v. Allen Wranglers, No. 8:12-cv-3128, 2012 WL 5187839 (D. Neb. Oct. 18, 2012), 
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Associated Press (Anna Jo Bratton) is reporting that a state district court judge in Lancaster County, Nebraska tagged two Nebraska Municipal Power Pool executives with millions of dollars in damages arising out of their scheme to use American Public Energy Agency’s "company information, financial data and copyrighted material."  View Article. It appears that Nebraska Municipal Power Pool ("NMPP") previously provided services to American Public Energy Agency. 

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A company’s trade secrets may be some of its most important assets.  Recent headlines underscore their importance, and vulnerability:

  1. Recently, an employee was arrested at the airport and over 1,000 company proprietary documents containing trade secrets were seized that the employee was attempting to transport with her to her new job.
  2.  A national retailer recently was hit with a $21.5 million

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United States v. Meng, No. CR 04-20216 JF (U.S.D.C. N.D. Calif.).

Judge Jeremy Fogel of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Jose today imposed a 24-month prison sentence on Xiaodong Sheldon Meng, who pleaded guilty to possessing night vision software for pilots belonging to Quantum3D, his former employer, and using that information in

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The critical importance of securing confidential information was brought home again yesterday when the intersection of trade secrets and spy games made the newspapers.

Four men, one a United States Department of Defense systems analyst and three Chinese natives, were arrested and charged with espionage in two separate cases. Aside from the political ramifications of ongoing Chinese espionage, which one

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