shutterstock_136762520Hawaii joined the small list of states that prohibit certain non-compete agreements with employees.

On June 26, 2015, Hawaii’s governor David Ige signed Act 158 which voids any “noncompete clause or a nonsolicit clause in any employment contract relating to an employee of a technology business.”

The Act defines “technology business” as one that “derives the majority of its gross
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shutterstock_192971546Three very recent decisions reflect the irreconcilable division of judicial authority regarding the adequacy of at-will employment as the sole consideration for an otherwise valid non-compete.  Compare (a) Standard Register Co. v. Keala, No. 14-00291 (D. Haw., June 8, 2015) (adequate under Hawaii law) (“majority rule”), with (b) Hunn v. Dan Wilson Homes, Inc., Nos. 13-11297
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Can Oregon employers bring conversion claims against employees who misappropriate confidential information without having their claims preempted by the state’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act? According to a recent Oregon federal district court opinion, the answer is “yes”; however, in several other states, the answer is “no”.

This result highlights the continued divergence of opinion across the nation

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By Robert Milligan and Grace Chuchla

Ahhh, Hawaii. Crystal clear water, pristine beaches, warm weather – it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy some sun. Well, that is, it’s the perfect place to relax until you disclose your trade secrets to a third party contractor who then allegedly breaks its business relationship with you and goes on to allegedly
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