By Christina F. Jackson

In a case out of Florida involving the rapper known as “50 Cent” an arbitrator found the rapper liable for trade secret misappropriation, among other claims, in the creation of his own line of headphones. The arbitrator awarded, the plaintiff in the case, Sleek Audio, LLC, a little over $11.5 million in damages. Attorney’s fees were
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The Virginia Supreme Court has complicated the valuation of lost goodwill damages in trade secrets matters in its June 7, 2012 decision in 21st Century Systems, Inc. v. Perot Systems Government Services, Inc., No. 110114. 

The matter arose from the departure of several employees from Perot Systems Government Services, Inc. (“Perot”), who subsequently joined a competitor company. Perot filed suit

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By Rebecca Woods

In its latest opinion dealing with trade secret issues, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that the Virginia Uniform Trade Secrets Act, Va. Code §§ 59.1-336 through 343 ("VUTSA") protects trade secrets even if they are used by an entity that is not demonstrably "in competition with" the plaintiff. Collelo v. Geographic Services, Inc., No. 101411, 101421. The

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The trend of some recent judicial decisions seems to reflect an increasing concern by courts that, notwithstanding trade secret misappropriation plaintiffs’ understandable reluctance to disclose proprietary information in more detail than absolutely necessary, they must describe with considerable specificity whatever is alleged to have been purloined. For example, a California district court ruled recently that “Whatever [the plaintiff] wishes to claim

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