New lawsuit filed in Utah accuses a former research scientist employed by a nutritional supplement company of stealing trade secrets, customers, and employees when forming a rival vegan supplement company.

Systemic Formulas, Inc. claims that its former research director, Daeyoon Kim, is using Systemic’s trade secrets and proprietary information as the basis for its formula in the rival vegan supplement company. In its complaint against Kim, Systemic alleges that Kim executed Confidentiality and Non-Disclosures Agreement intended to protect Systemic’s proprietary information. Systemic alleges that Kim was specifically hired to develop a line of nutritional supplements without the RNA/DNA factor that is considered to be an animal product and therefore less appealing to certain portions of the supplement-consuming public that want a more natural supplement. Kim asserts that his primary duty was an employee manager and claims that Systemic did not have a research facility. However, Systemic’s website states, “Systemic Formulas uses a technologically advanced research and production facility to manufacture the bottling and capsulation process of its product’s raw materials.”

After Kim resigned from Systemic, he requested a modification to the Confidentiality Agreement to allow Kim to manufacture a line of vegan dietary supplements. Systemic alleges that Kim admitted that the proposed line of vegan dietary supplements would represent a line of products in conflict with his obligations under the Confidentiality Agreement and therefore requested a modification. Kim asserts he reached an agreement with Systemic in June regarding his request to develop the vegan supplements and that the lawsuit surprised him.

This case should be full of classic trade secret issues including an analysis of the scope of the confidentiality agreement and Kim’s exposure to proprietary information as a research director or an employee manager. Another area of inquiry will no doubt be whether the confidentiality agreement was altered by an oral or written agreement. Ultimately, the degree of similarity between Systemic’s supplements and Kim’s vegan supplements will be a major factor in this dispute. Another interesting issue may be whether Kim had a certain amount of knowledge before he was an employee of Systemic or whether he developed his vegan formula idea independently from the scope of his duties at Systemic.

This case can be monitored under Case No. 07-CV-159 in the District Court of Utah, Central Division.