Zealous advocacy, copious use of Latin, and literary devices advantageously applied to attack our adversaries’ arguments.  These are the cornerstones of American legal representation. 

These tools are part of the modus operandi of every lawyer.  This article may use dead language and assonance as running themes, but some lawyers take zealous advocacy ad infinitum.  Such attorneys are rarely even
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An employment agreement non-competition provision stated that, for 18 months after termination, the employee shall not become employed by or act “directly or indirectly, as an advisor, consultant, or salesperson for, or become financially interested, directly or indirectly, [in an entity] engaged in the business of selling flavor materials.” Earlier this month, the North Carolina Court of Appeals held that
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Seyfarth Shaw LLP is pleased to announce its third webinar in the 2012 Trade Secrets Webinar Series entitled "Pleading, Proving and Protecting Trade Secrets in Litigation” scheduled for April 24, 2012 at 1 p.m. e.s.t. The speakers for this informative webinar are Seyfarth Shaw LLP partners Michael Wexler, Robert Niemann, and David Monachino.

Most Federal and state courts require that

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Although the trial court’s analysis was not extensive, it clearly found that allegations in a complaint that an employee used a computer program to delete information from a laptop and knowingly deleted information without authorization sufficiently states a Computer Fraud and Abuse Act claim so as to survive a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim.

In Alliance International Inc. v.

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