Economic Espionage Act

On December 28, 2012, President Obama signed into law the Trade Secrets Clarification Act to ensure that the Economic Espionage Act will cover trade secret violations for products or services used or “intended for use” in interstate commerce or foreign commerce.

The Senate passed the legislation in November and the House of Representatives approved the legislation earlier this month.

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By Robert Milligan and Jessica Mendelson

The United States House of Representatives approved the Theft of Trade Secrets Clarification Act today under a suspension of the House Rules, a process intended to expeditiously resolve non-contentious measures. The Act broadens federal law to ensure it addresses the theft of trade secrets related to a product or service used or intended to
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Last week, the United States Senate unanimously approved the Theft of Trade Secrets Clarification Act (“the TTSCA”). The TTSCA, which was co-authored by Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Senator Herbert Kohl of Wisconsin, was introduced as S.3462 in order to strengthen the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 (“the EEA”). To achieve this goal, the TTSCA broadens federal law to
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