shutterstock_225248845Although an employer spent many hours assisting an employee to obtain a real estate appraiser’s license, the Tennessee Court of Appeals held recently that the employee’s restrictive covenants were unenforceable.  Davis v. Johnstone Group, Inc., No. W2015-01884-COA-R3-CV (Mar. 9, 2016).

Summary of the case.  The ex-employee, Davis, had no prior real estate appraisal experience in 1998 when he started
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In Southern Fire Analysis v. Rambo, No. M2008-00056-COA-R3-CV, 2009 WL 161088 (Tenn. Ct. App. Jan. 22, 2009), the Tennessee Court of Appeals reversed a trial court’s dismissal of a complaint alleging violations of three non-compete agreements. The facts are as follows:

Plaintiff Southern Fire Analysis is in the business of investigating fires on behalf of insurance company clients. Southern Fire Analysis

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