Other than to protect good will or trade secrets, a non-compete provision intended to prevent a former employee from acquiring an interest in, or becoming an officer or director of, a competitor of the ex-employer may not be enforceable.

Summary of the case:  A stand-alone agreement executed by employee-participants vested in their employer’s profit-sharing plan contained an unusual non-compete provision. 
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A federal district court in Nebraska recently issued a significant preliminary injunction preventing trade secret misappropriation and unlawful competition in a contentious dispute between two freight companies.  West Plains, L.L.C. v. Retzlaff Grain Co., Case No. 8:13CV47 (D. Neb., Feb. 26, 2013).

A group of freight forwarders employed by CT Freight allegedly resigned en masse and went to work
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Lane, a 16-year employee of food distributor Nash Finch Co. in Nebraska, was terminated in June 2011. He promptly filed a declaratory judgment suit in a Nebraska state court against his former employer, challenging the enforceability of non-competition clauses in a series of incentive compensation plans in which he was a participant. His challenge included, but was not limited to, the

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