In the wake of its ultimately successful efforts to obtain an injunction against former executive Mark Papermaster following Papermaster’s move to Apple, IBM recently sought to enjoin David Johnson from joining Dell. Johnson, who was IBM’s Vice President of Corporate Development, recently joined Dell as its Senior Vice President of Strategy.  After conducting a preliminary injunction

Apple issued a press release today stating that the litigation between IBM and former IBM executive Mark Papermaster has been resolved and that Papermaster will commence employment with Apple on April 24, 2009. Papermaster will join Apple as its senior vice president of Devices Hardware Engineering, reporting to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. 

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On November 21, 2008, Judge Kenneth Karas of the Southern District of New York published his November 7, 2008 Amended Opinion and Order granting IBM’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction against former IBM executive Mark Papermaster. Judge Karas granted the Motion following extensive briefing from the parties, as well as a November 6, 2008 hearing on

There have been several developments in the litigation between IBM and its former executive Mark Papermaster since the Court enjoined Papermaster from working for Apple on November 6, 2008. First, the Court has ordered IBM to post a bond in the amount of $3,000,000 to cover any potential finding that IBM wrongfully obtained its injunction