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Trade secret misappropriation is increasingly gaining the attention of law enforcement authorities. This reality creates different dynamics and risks depending on whether a company is being accused of wrongdoing or is the victim of such
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The commercial and personal use of drones are becoming increasingly more prevalent. Indeed, there were allegations during the ongoing World Cup that a drone was purportedly used to spy on a team’s practices by an opponent who was looking to gain a competitive advantage. Josh Salinas weighs in on the potential threat drones may pose to the protection of trade
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In a shocking scandal, a federal court clerk has been accused of leaking confidential files, including information disclosing details of contemplated law enforcement raids on Armenian street gangs.

As reported by the ABA, Nune Gevorkyan (“Gevorkyan”), a district court criminal intake clerk, and her husband, Oganes Koshkaryan (“Koshkaryan”) were arrested and charged with conspiring to obstruct justice, a violation
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Roughly two months ago, we wrote about Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute, two fictional characters on NBC’s sit-com The Office, stealing the trade secrets of a competitor: Prince Paper. On last Thursday night’s episode, we learned the fate of Prince Paper: it went out of business. (5:35 into the linked clip.) Is this a result of Dunder Mifflin
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United States v. Malhotra, No. 5:08-CR-00423-JF (N.D. Ca.)

Former Hewlett Packard vice president Atul Malhotra today pleaded guilty in federal district court in San Jose, California to one count of theft of trade secrets. In an information filed on June 27, 2008, the United States charged Malhotra with violating the Trade Secrets Act, 18 U.S.C. § 1832(a)(2), by disclosing to HP

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Judge Leoni Brinkema (E.D. Va.) sentenced Gregg W. Bergersen to almost five years in prison for his role in providing secret information about U.S.-Taiwanese military relationships to a Chinese spy.   According to Matthew Barakat, writing for the Associated Press, View Article, the Chinese spy (Tai Kuo) fronted as a New Orleans furniture salesman who was aligned with Taiwan.  Instead

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