Seyfarth partners Robert Milligan and Dawn Mertineit recently recorded a 60-minute webinar for California CLE provider CEB, “Handling a Remote Work Force and Return to Work Considerations in the Age of COVID-19: Best Practices for Protecting Trade Secrets and Confidential Information.”

The course focuses on the best practices and steps companies can take to continue to protect intellectual capital during the coronavirus pandemic, including the unique challenges of remote working and the efforts to slowly return to work. Topics covered include:

  • An overview of trade secret protection, including what is typically required as “reasonable measures” to protect trade secrets;
  • How coronavirus is displacing safe work environments;
  • Heightened risks to trade secret protection in light of remote working;
  • Suggested agreements and policies to strengthen trade secret protections;
  • Best practices for interviews and exit interviews and dealing with furloughed or laid off workers;
  • Tips to guard against cybersecurity threats in mobile work environment; and
  • Discussion of best practices and data repatriation upon a return to work of some (or all) of the workforce.

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