The fifth webinar of the 2012 series will focus on non-compete and trade secret considerations from an international perspective. The webinar will provide a high level discussion of recent non-compete and trade secret issues that impact foreign companies conducting business in the United States. This program will provide an overview of the key considerations that foreign companies should appreciate in order to effectively navigate trade secret and non-compete law in the US; highlighting the issues facing US trade secret owners attempting to address the theft of stolen trade secrets abroad. We will discuss best practices for the use of non-competes and non-disclosure agreements with key employees for companies that operate internationally. This webinar will provide valuable insight for companies who compete in the global economy and must navigate the legal landscape in these jurisdictions to ensure they are adequately protecting their trade secrets.

Our team will discuss:

  • General overview of non-compete and trade secret law in the US as viewed from a non-US perspective.
  • Drafting considerations for non-disclosure and non-compete agreements from an international perspective, including the effective use of forum selection, choice of law and arbitration provisions.
  • Using the International Trade Commission ("ITC") to address trade secret misappropriation occurring abroad, including a discussion of the Federal Circuit’s recent TianRui Group Co. v. International Trade Commission decision.
  • Discussion of latest developments in Europe concerning the use of non-compete  and non-disclosure agreements with employees.
  • Discussion of enforcement mechanisms and remedies.

Our panel consists of attorneys with experience advising clients on international non-compete and trade secret issues. CLE credit will be available for participants in New York, Illinois and California.

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