While Companies regularly and formally protect their confidential information and trade secrets from competitors, the general public, and potentially misappropriating employees, they all too frequently fail to protect information assets in business transactions with their “friends.” Transactions with vendors and customers, franchisees and licensees, and sellers and buyers of a business all present potential risks. Failure to implement appropriate safeguards in these transactions can make any prior protections ineffective, causing loss of trade secrets.
This webinar will  focus on protection of trade secrets in business transactions. Topics will include:

  • What relationships other than employer/employee relationships require trade secret protections?
  • What transactions should give rise to serious trade secret concerns?
  • The most significant risks to the trade secret status of your valuable confidential information under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act.
  • Trade secret and restrictive covenant law that may provide enhanced protection of trade secrets and other confidential information in the sale of a business.
  • Best practices for protecting trade secrets in business transactions.

Seyfarth attorneys Todd Hunt, Jim McNairy & Erik Weibust will present the sixth and final webinar in the 2011 Trade Secrets Webinar Series.

For more details and registration, please click here. We look forward to your joining us on November 30th!