Social media clearly has numerous uses and benefits, as hundreds of millions of users worldwide can attest. From connecting with a long lost friend, to marketing a new product or service, to organizing a high school reunion or even an uprising in the Middle East, social media has become a ubiquitous part of our lives. But its rapid proliferation comes
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Under Texas law, disclosure of a trade secret to potential investors to enable them to decide whether to invest does not destroy secrecy. Those who learn of the confidential information under those circumstances are not authorized to destroy its protection and may not use the information in a manner harmful to the interests of the one making the disclosure.

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Breaking Bad is seemingly everywhere this month.  With only a few episodes remaining, die-hard fans of the television show have gone into overdrive.   We too, have caught Breaking Bad fever, and started to wonder, do the final episodes qualify as trade secrets?  If one of the show’s employees were to release the general plot narrative, would the show’s owners be
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St. Patrick’s Day calls to mind the traditional Irish folklore of leprechauns and their hidden pots of gold. These hidden pots of gold illustrate the fundamental and straightforward rule for protecting prized trade secret information – keep it secret. A recent Ohio District Court, the Honorable Judge Michael R. Barrett presiding, denied a Plaintiff’s motion for Temporary Restraining Order because

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