shutterstock_331572470We’ve written a lot this summer about the Massachusetts legislature’s latest failed attempt at non-compete reform. Two other states in New England, however, are able to claim accomplishments in that regard. Specifically, Connecticut and Rhode Island each enacted statutes this summer imposing significant restrictions on the use of non-compete provisions in any agreement that establishes employment or any other form
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In Azzouz v. Prime Pediatrics, P.C., Case No. A08A2340, 2009 WL 619189 (Ga. App. Mar. 12, 2009), the Georgia Court of Appeals upheld a trial court’s grant of an interlocutory injunction on behalf of Prime Pediatrics, P.C. against Dr. Rami Azzouz. Dr. Azzouz entered into a detailed non-competition provision upon the commencement of his employment with Prime. The provision is as

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