When the Walt Disney Company built the “It’s a Small World” ® ride for the New York World’s Fair in 1964, they probably had no idea of the challenges that globalization could pose 50 years later. From cases involving the sale of stolen trade secrets to foreign companies to departing employees setting up competing business in different jurisdictions, many of our recent posts illustrate an unmistakable fact: in an increasingly globalized world, protection of trade secrets, confidential information, and other intellectual property presents global challenges as never before.

On Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. Central, Seyfarth attorneys from across the globe will present an on-demand webinar focused on non-compete and trade secret considerations from an international perspective. During the 90-minute webinar, Seyfarth attorneys Wan Li (Shanghai), Ming Henderson (London), Justine Turnbull (Sydney) and Daniel Hart (Atlanta) will provide valuable insight on non-compete and trade secret issues in Europe, Australia, and China compared to the United States.

Topics will include the following

  • Overview of key rules for non-compete and non-disclosure agreements in Europe
  • Key principles of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements in the United Kingdom, France and Australia, including recent case developments
  • Latest developments in non-compete and trade secret law in China
  • The European Commission’s proposed directive on trade secrets protection throughout the European Union
  • Practical considerations under U.S. law for multinational employers to effectively protect their trade secrets and confidential information

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