As the social media landscape continues to evolve rapidly, Trading Secrets is committed to keeping pace with this evolution in order to provide the most value for our readers. Regular blog contributors Erik Weibust and Dawn Mertineit, both attorneys in Seyfarth’s Trade Secrets Practice, serve as the Trading Secrets “social media directors” and will be actively monitoring the social media outlets for the blog, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

We will continue to educate about news and legislation relating to trade secrets, non-competes, computer fraud, privacy and social media. Through our social media accounts, Erik and Dawn engage directly with influencers in our industry/area of expertise, share content with them, and stay active in conversations through various social media platforms — all with a focus on sharing items that are of value to our audience. We encourage our readers to engage in the conversation as well!