In Seyfarth’s first installment of its 2013 Trade Secrets Webinar series, Seyfarth attorneys Michael Wexler, Robert Milligan, and Joshua Salinas will review noteworthy cases and other legal developments from across the nation this past year in the areas of trade secrets and data theft, non-compete enforceability, computer fraud, and company owned social media accounts and social media policies, as well as provide their predictions for what to watch for in 2013.

The webinar will take place on Monday, January 28, 2013, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Central (10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Pacific).

The Seyfarth panel will specifically address the following topics:

  • Significant U.S. and state supreme court non-compete and trade secret decisions, including a discussion of choice of law, forum selection, and arbitration issues;
  • Important legislative efforts, including several states enacting legislation to protect employees’ “personal” social media accounts, the recent amendments to the Economic Espionage Act in response to the Second Circuit’s U.S. v. Aleynikov decision, New Jersey’s adoption of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, and New Hampshire’s new non-compete notification requirements;
  • Prominent social media cases involving disputes over the ownership of company social media accounts and account “followers” on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Myspace;
  • Noteworthy jury trial verdicts and criminal sentences;
  • The increased involvement of government agencies, such as the FBI, Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, and National Labor Relations Board, in the areas of trade secrets and non-compete law, including the DOJ’s scrutiny of no-hire or no recruiting provisions among competitors;
  • Trade secret preemption and courts’ difficulties in grappling with whether the theft of non-trade secret information is actionable in tort;
  • The current circuit split regarding the ability of employers to use the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to sue former employees in typical employee data theft cases.

The panel will discuss the following 2012 cases: PhoneDog v. Kravitz; Eagle v. Morgan; Lown Companies, LLC v. Piggy Paint; Christou v. Beatport; US v. Nosal; WEC Carolina Energy Solutions, LLC v. Miller; Acordia of Ohio, L.L.C. v. Fishel; Nitro-Lift Technologies LLC v. Howard; US v. Aleynikov; and DuPont v. Kolon.

There is no cost to attend this program, however, registration is required.



*CLE credit is available.  (Seyfarth has applied for CLE credit in IL, NY, and CA. If you would like us to pursue CLE credit in any additional states, please contact Please note that in order to receive full credit for attending this webinar, the registrant must be present for the entire session.)