Intellectual property is often one of a business’ greatest assets. Choosing the best legal tool to protect particular types of intellectual property is key. Patent and trade secret protection are primarily creatures of statute and are two forms of intellectual property recognized throughout the United States. Depending on the information that one seeks to protect, patent, trade secret, or both patent and trade secret protection may be appropriate.

Please join us in the webinar "Choosing The Right IP Protection: Patent, Trade Secret, or Both", where Seyfarth attorneys will address the following topics:

  • What is a patent and what information is patentable?
  • What is a trade secret and what information qualifies for trade secret protection?
  • What are the pros and cons of patent vs. trade secret protection?
  • What information/technology may be best protected through both trade secret and patent protection?
  • How does the new America Invent Act (Patent Reform Legislation) impact the decision to seek patent or trade secret protection?

Seyfarth attorneys, Brian Michaelis, Dan Schwartz and Jim McNairy will use hypothetical fact patterns to work through these topics and highlight the practical application of patent and trade secret law. CLE credit may be available.

For more details and registration, please click here. We look forward to your joining us on October 6th!