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California Attorney General Provides Some Guidance on Cybersecurity

Posted in Cybersecurity, Data Theft, Privacy

Cross-Posted from The Global Privacy Watch

With all the high-profile cybersecurity breaches that seem to be in the news lately, there is a plethora of “guidance” on cybersecurity. The Attorney General of California has decided to add to this library of guidance with her “Cybersecurity in the Golden State” offering. Cybersecurity is a pretty mature knowledge domain, … Continue Reading

Best Practices and Latest Developments in Trade Secret Law

Posted in Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Cybersecurity, Data Theft, Non-Compete Enforceability, Social Media, Trade Secrets

I recently presented on “Hot Topics In Trade Secret Law Across the Nation” at the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California.

Here are seven key takeaways regarding best practices and latest developments from the event that you may find useful:

Understanding the Importance of Trade Secret Preemption

Simply put, trade secret preemption or supersession is the concept that the … Continue Reading

Seyfarth Attorneys Lead Trade Secrets and Cybersecurity Program

Posted in Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Data Theft, Espionage, Practice & Procedure, Trade Secrets

California partners Robert Milligan and Jim McNairy will be presenting at a day long Bridgeport Trade Secret and Cybersecurity Program in Los Angeles on May 17th.

Trade secret litigation and employee mobility cases are the hottest areas of intellectual property and employment litigation. More and more senior level executives and employees are leaving one company to start or join a … Continue Reading

President Obama Signs Significant Cybersecurity Executive Order

Posted in Data Theft, Espionage, Legislation

By Misty Blair and Ken Wilton

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of the public and private sectors alike, as daily news reports warn of cyberattacks on American institutions such as media, banks, and governmental agencies.

It is in this spirit that, just Tuesday, President Obama signed the long-awaited Executive Order on “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity” and devoted … Continue Reading

Upcoming Webinar: Trade Secrets in the Telecommunications Industry

Posted in Trade Secrets

In Seyfarth’s next installment in its series of 2013 Trade Secret Webinars, on Wednesday, February 20, 2013, at 12:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, Seyfarth attorneys Jim McNairy, Mark Hansen and Justin Beyer will address the role that trade secrets play in the telecommunications industry. The Seyfarth panel will specifically address the following topics:

 What information qualifies as trade secret The… Continue Reading

On Election Day, Cybersecurity Is A Part Of Candidates’ Platforms

Posted in Data Theft, Espionage

By Misty Blair

Today, people are laser-focused on who will win the U.S. presidential election, President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney. And, though cybersecurity has been a hot topic in the last year, for the time being it has been displaced from the 24-hour news cycle with political punditry, which has reached a fever pitch heard (thankfully) only once … Continue Reading

Failed Federal Cybersecurity Act May Emerge In Executive Order

Posted in Computer Fraud, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Data Theft, Espionage, Legislation, Practice & Procedure

By Misty Blair

In August, we waved farewell to the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 (S.3414). Or, so we thought. The bill, which followed a tortured path of at least four major iterations since the introduction of its predecessor in 2010, finally hit the brick wall of Senate gridlock when a cloture vote failed to end debate. While this failure effectively … Continue Reading

Update: New Online Anti-Piracy Initiatives in the U.S. and Europe

Posted in Espionage

Yesterday, Robert Milligan and I had the wonderful opportunity to present at the 2012 ITechlaw World Technology Law Conference in Washington, D.C. We discussed the new online anti-piracy legislation and developments in the U.S. and Europe. In particular, we covered the highly controversial and failed SOPA and PIPA legislation, the new proposed CISPA and OPEN legislation, and legislation from Ireland, … Continue Reading

Seyfarth Attorneys to Speak at 2012 ITechLaw World Technology Law Conference & Annual Meeting on New Online Anti-Piracy Initiatives in the U.S. and Europe

Posted in Espionage

Late last Thursday, April 26, 2012, the U.S. House of Representatives approved the Cyber Intelligence Security Protection Act (CISPA). CISPA is a cybersecurity bill that allows the government and U.S. companies to share confidential and classified information regarding potential cyber attacks. The purpose of the bill is to strengthen U.S. infrastructure and protect it from hackers who steal valuable information, … Continue Reading